Ref NoA-739-E
TitleHunt Collection comprising records of Cudworth schools and personal papers
DescriptionA/739/E/1 Cudworth Middle School c.1970-1985 A/739/E/2 Cudworth County Secondary (Modern) School 1935-1965 A/739/E/3 Cudworth Pontefract Road School 1923-1934 A/739/E/4 Cudworth Pontefract Road Evening School 1909-1939 A/739/E/5 Cudworth Snydale Road School 1906-1934 A/739/E/6 Cudworth School Board 1898-1904 A/739/E/7 Cudworth Parish Council 1894-1900 A/739/E/8 Cudworth parish records 1896-1915 A/739/E/9 Cudworth Urban District Council 1928-1960 A/739/E/10 Barnsley MBC Education Committee 1924-1987 A/739/E/11 Miscellaneous schools 1874-1990 A/739/E/12 Photographs c.1900s A/739/E/13 Maps and plans 1842 A/739/E/14 Printed material 1951-1970 A/739/E/15 Hunt papers (personal) 1841-1970 A/739/E/16 Miscellaneous 1905-1986
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Admin_HistoryRecords collected by Mr. Hunt of Cudworth Middle School. The records are concerning Cudworth Middle School, previously called Cudworth County Secondary School and various records used by Mr. Hunt in the classroom for teaching purposes. Records from other Cudworth schools were also collected.
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