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TitleSpencer Stanhope Muniments
DescriptionContents: Section I - deeds and family papers of persons for whom the Spencers acted as executors, including some manorial records; Cawthorne parish papers; deeds to Cannon Hall estates, wills etc; miscellaneous documents. Section II - title deeds, wills. Section III - business papers, correspondence (including some estate correspondence), personal papers, diaries. Section IV - estate accounts, rentals, suveys and valuations, inventories, household accounts and wages books, building accounts; enclosure papers; stewards' correspondence; Cawthorne parish papers; executors' and trusteeship papers. Miscellaneous sections - maps and plans; personal and estate vouchers, maps (deposited in 1963), deeds from Cannon Hall (received in 1961)
Date15th Century-20th Century
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Admin_HistoryExtensive collection of records relating to the Spencer Stanhopes, their Cannon Hall Estate at Cawthorne and other family landholdings. The records date back to the 15th century.
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