Ref NoA8
TitleAn Doctúir Seaghan Mac Énrí Papers
DescriptionThe material in this collection relates almost exclusively to Seaghan Mac Énrí's work on A Handbook of Modern Irish and other work. The collection is divided between correspondence and drafts of his literary work. The correspondence with Peadar Ua Laoghaire covers points of grammar in Irish, and he seems to have played a role as proof reader for the Handbook of Modern Irish. Micheál Breathnach also helped in relation to Irish phraseology for the book, and was a friend of Dr. Mac Énrí from the time that they met in London.The second part of the collection deals primarily with the literary efforts of Seaghan Mac Enri. Many of the pieces that appear as drafts and copies in this part of the collection, can be found as articles and pamphlets in Irish language newspapers such as "An Claidheamh Soluis", "Fainne an Lae", "An Caernóg" and "An Stoc". There is also a file of notes and correspondence relating to the Handbook, as well as a hand-written draft with amendments of the Handbook itself.
Date1902-1907, 1917
Extent46 items
Administrative HistoryAn Doctúir Seaghan P Mac Énrí was appointed Professor of Ophthalmology and Otalogy at University College Galway in 1910, as well as lecturer in Modem Irish. He made regular contributions to Irish language newspapers such as "An Claideamh Solais" and "An Stoc", as well as a number of books, including A Handbook of Modern Irish. He died in 1930.Micheal Breathnach, also features in this collection, was born on 16 Sept 1881 in Lohán Beag, three miles from Spiddal. In 1901 he went to London to teach for Connradh na Gaedilge, but contracted tuberculosis there in 1905. He was under the care of Dr. Henry there. He went to Switzerland to recover, where he translated Knockinagow into Irish. He returned to Ireland and died in 1908.
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