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TitleSt Bartholomew's Hospital Journal 1893-1998
Extent115 volumes
Admin HistoryThe journal was started in 1893 by Walter Meent Borcherds and W. Guyon Richard, who were both students at the hospital at the time. The content and format of the journal changed during the course of its publication, but it usually contained a mix of editorial and original articles, including medical articles, anecdotal stories, medical observations and case histories as well as general updates on Hospital and College activities, courses and syllabus, examination results, prizes, sporting clubs (of which there were many - notably rugby, boxing, association football, athletics, swimming, tennis, rifle, cricket) and achievements, societies and non-sports clubs (e.g. photography, amateur dramatics). Also included were verses, poems and 'reflections', letters to the Editor, book reviews, births, deaths and marriages and obituaries. A crossword appears periodically from the 1930s onwards; also from around the 1940s, a feature called 'Candid Camera' in which an innocuous photograph taken in the college or hospital was labelled with a humorous or irreverent caption. From the 1960s there was generally less content. In the 1970s and 1980s the journal contains many cartoon illustrations.

From 1900 the journal included illustrations such as diagrams and photographs. From about 1940 the journal contained advertising.

The journal was originally published on a monthly basis, with 12 issues in each volume, commencing at the start of the academice year in October. During the Second World War, a 'War Bulletin/War Edition' was published during 1939-1943, when the journal reverted back to the previous volume numbering, but each new volume commenced in February. In 1949, the volume numbering was changed again to be concurrent with the year, starting in January. From Autumn 1975, the Journal was published quarterly, instead of monthly (the last monthly issue was published in June 1975), and the volume numbering was abondoned, although a different volume numbering system was briefly used in the late 1990s.

A number of special commemorative editions were produced during the 20th century for the hospital's 800th and 850th anniversaries, and the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, amongst other notable events. A 75th anniversary edition was published in October 1968, and contains a list of former editors.

An index was produced annually for the journal up to 1974. From 1975 onwards there are no indexes.

The Journal was published until 1998, when it was replaced by the Barts and the London Chronicle, reflecting the merger of the St Bartholomew's and Royal London Hospital medical schools in 1996.
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