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TitleRecords of City and Hackney Health District, later City and Hackney Health Authority
DescriptionRecords of the City and Hackney Health District/Authority, 1974-1993, comprising:

Administrative records: minutes, 1981-1991; agendas and minutes, 1981-1993, with related papers; minutes, agendas and related papers of the District Management Team/Board, 1974-1990; Unit plans, 1982-1989, of capital planning proposals; District handbooks and directories, [1976]-1989; standing orders, [1981]-1990; District operational and strategic proposals and plans, 1983-1993; standing financial instructions, 1982-1989; District, unit, estate and service profiles, giving a history of each hospital, annual costs, statistics and plans; annual reports on health of the population, 1984-1992; annual report, 1990; minutes and agendas of the Joint Consultative Committee, 1986-1990; City and Hackney Health Authority Chairman's correspondence, 1984-1991.

Financial records: cost statements, 1979-1987; speciality cost statements, 1982-1986; internal audit reports, 1986-1988; capital bids, 1984-1989; revenue budgets, 1976-1979; annual accounts and financial statements, 1975-1992; annual cost statements, 1976-1977; comparative expenditure statements, 1976-1977; records of the City and East London Area Health Authority, comprising minutes, 1976-1981; Health District plans, 1976-1988; Area plans and strategic plans, 1977-1988; standing orders, 1977; Area, services and information profiles, 1973-1978, giving a description of the Health Area and services provided; Area handbook, 1975; cost statements, 1975-1976; annual accounts and financial statements, 1974-1979; annual cost statements, 1976-1979; comparative expenditure statements, 1976-1977.

Estates: papers of the City and Hackney Health Authority Accommodation Department, 1984-1986; reports and planning documents relating to estates capital planning on hospital sites.

City and Hackney District Head Quarters: Strategy and Planning Groups; City and Hackney Health Authority Unit Planning Groups; District HQ Planning and Operational Plans; District Senior Administrators Meetings; District Personnel Department; District HQ files: Hackney Hospital; District HQ files: The Mothers' Hospital; District HQ files: St Leonard's Hospital; Health building closures; District Joint Staff Committe; DHA Key Papers by the District General Manager; District Health Authority Visiting Panels; NHS Health Advisory Service; Special Trustees of St Bartholomew’s and St Mark’s Hospital; Social Services; Regional Specialities; District Handicapped Childrens' Liaison Committee (formerly District Handicap Team); Speech Therapy and Dyslexia Services; District Rehabilitation Liaison Committee; Hackney Health Emergency; Occupational Therapy; Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Re-organisation of Obstetric Services; Nursing - General; St Bartholomew's Hospital Theatre Project; City and Hackney Community Health Council annual reports; St Bartholomew's Hospital: Installation of 6 MeV Linear Accelerator at St Bartholomew's Hospital; Rayner Scrutiny on Advertising Working Party (Hackney/Homerton Unit); Griffiths Report Working Party (on the introduction of General Managers); St Mark’s Hospital - General; District Drugs Advisory Committee; MRSA Out-break; City and Hackney Health Authority Unit Management Boards; St Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College, The London Hospital Medical College, Queen Mary and Westfield College merger project; St Bartholomew's Hospital Radiographic Training Centre - Training Committee; Total Hip Replacement Task Force / Hip Task Force; NHS Review, NHS Act 1990 and reform implementation; NHS Review, NHS Act 1990 and reform implementation; District Health Authority Communications Strategy.

Management Services [no records currently listed].
Related MaterialRecords of the Hackney Group (No. 6) Hospital Management Committee, predecessor of the City and Hackney District Health Authority from 1948-1974, held at St Bartholomew's Hospital Archives, are catalogued as SBHJ.

Records of St Matthew's Hospital are held at London Metropolitan Archives

Records of the City and East London Area Health Authority are held at the Royal London Hospital Archives, reference RLHCA.

Area and District Treasurers' files 1965-1985 have been listed under SBHB/HB/42/23-101

Management reports prepared by the City and Hackney District Health Authority on the performance and management of departments within the City and St Bartholomew's Units are found within the records of the relevant department, where they have been transferred from that department.

Staff records for staff at the former Hackney Group Hospitals (Hackney Hospital, Mothers' Hospital, German Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Eastern Hospital) 1974-1976 are included in the Staff Joining Books and Staff Pay Lists kept by the Hackney Group Hospital Management Committee. See SBHJ/HB/8/1 - Staff Joining Books, 1956-1969 and SBHJ/HB/8/2 - Staff Pay Lists, 1948-1976.
Administrative historyThe City and Hackney Health District was created in 1974 and formed one of three Health Districts in the City and East London Area Health Authority (Teaching), its boundaries coinciding with those of the Local Authority. The two other districts were Tower Hamlets and Newham.

Hospitals in the area were divided into units, with (at various dates) the St Bartholomew's Hospital Unit comprising St Bartholomew's, St Leonard's and St Mark's hospitals; City of London Unit comprising St Bartholomew's and St Mark's; and the Hackney Unit comprising the Hackney, Eastern, Mothers', German, Homerton and St Matthew's hospitals. Several of these smaller hospitals were in antiquated buildings unsuitable for modern healthcare, and following the opening of the Homerton Hospital in 1986, services were transferred there the smaller hospitals in the group, and eventually all except St Bartholomew's and St Mark's were closed.

City and Hackney Health District became the City and Hackney Health Authority in 1982, following the abolition of the larger City and East London Area Health Authority (Teaching). The District Health Authority was iteself abolished in 1993, and superceded by the East London and The City Health Authority, and Bart's NHS (Shadow) Trust.

The Joint Consultative Committee for City and Hackney District Health Authority was established in the 1980s to provide for joint care planning between local authorities and health authorities, and drew its membership from the London Borough of Hackney, the City of London Corporation, the Inner London Education Authority, the City and East London Family Practitioner Committee and voluntary organisations, as well as City and Hackney Health Authority.
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Arrangement of the recordsThis fonds has been arranged into the following subfonds:
SBHD/HA: Administrative Records
SBHD/HB: Financial Records
SBHD/HC Estates
SBHD/HQ: City and Hackney District Head Quarters
SBHD/MS: Management Services
Extent227 files, 67 items
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