Alt Ref NoAMR
TitleMedical records
DescriptionThis material consists of register of applications for admission, 1884-1894; admissions register, 1867-1895; register of old cases, 1899-1901; case notes of in-patients and out-patients, 1866-1870; duplicate case notes for in-patients and out-patients, 1866-1868; Alexandra ward in-patient case notes, 1876-1893; Catherine ward in-patient case notes, 1876-1906; Constantia ward in-patient case notes, 1876-1897; Edinburgh ward in-patient case notes, 1877-1899; Ellicott ward in-patient case notes, 1880-1899; Schackner ward in-patient case notes, 1881-1897; case-book of Mr James Berry's patients, 1899-1907; case book of Sir Anthony Bowlby's patients, 1899-1907; patient record cards (James Berry), 1885-1906; patient record cards (Anthony Bowlby), 1884-1908; case notes of patients requiring long-term follow-up treatment, 1912-1913; case files for individual patients, 1903-1941; case notes of out-patients (first set), 1877-1887; case notes of out-patients (second set), 1892-1911; register of out-patients, 1912-1917; register of baptisms, 1910-1951; medical statistics, [1892]-1955; x-rays of cases at Clandon, 1912-1919; day report books, Jul 1951-Mar 1953; night report books, Nov 1955-Mar 1958; operation consent form, 1958; staff sick bay report, 1954-1956.
Access statusRestricted
Access ConditionsSome material is restricted. This is noted at file or item level in the catalogue.
Arrangement of the recordsThe material is arranged as follows:
SBHA/MR/1 Register of applications for admission
SBHA/MR/2 Admissions register
SBHA/MR/3 Register of old cases
SBHA/MR/4 Case notes of in-patients and out-patients
SBHA/MR/5 Duplicate case notes for in-patients and out-patients
SBHA/MR/6 Alexandra Ward in-patient case notes
SBHA/MR/7 Catherine Ward in-patient case notes
SBHA/MR/8 Constantia Ward in-patient case notes
SBHA/MR/9 Edinburgh Ward in-patient case notes
SBHA/MR/10 Ellicott Ward in-patient case notes
SBHA/MR/11 Schackner Ward in-patient case notes
SBHA/MR/12 Case book of Mr James Berry's patients
SBHA/MR/13 Case book of Sir Anthony Bowlby's patients
SBHA/MR/14 Patient record cards (James Berry
SBHA/MR/15 Patient record cards (Anthony Bowlby)
SBHA/MR/16 Case notes of patients requiring long-term follow-up treatment
SBHA/MR/17 Case files for individual patients
SBHA/MR/18 Case notes of out-patients (first set)
SBHA/MR/19 Case notes of out-patients (second set)
SBHA/MR/20 Register of out-patients
SBHA/MR/21 Register of baptisms
SBHA/MR/22 Medical statistics
SBHA/MR/23 X-rays of cases at Clandon
SBHA/MR/24 Day report books
SBHA/MR/25 Night report books
SBHA/MR/26 Operation consent form
SBHA/MR/26 Staff sick bay and bacteriological reports
Extent386 items
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