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TitleRecords of the Alexandra Hospital for Children with Hip Disease
DescriptionRecords of the Alexandra Hospital for Children with Hip Disease, 1866-1959, comprising:

Dispensary records: dangerous drugs register, 1937-1958; ledger books, 1924-1943;

Alexandra Hospital School, 1922-1958: attendance books, 1957-1958; register of admission, 1933-1958; school log books, 1922-1958, and material relating to school staff, 1955-1956;

Administrative records, 1871-1958: minutes books of the Committee of Management, 1871-1948; fortnightly reports on the Alexandra Hospital, 1948-1958; medical reports with statistics, 1884-1899; annual reports, 1897-1946; agenda papers for the Annual General Meeting of Governors, 1907; list of committee members, 1879-1891; minutes of the Appeal Committee, 1920; minutes of the Linen and Clothing Fund Committee, 1911-1949; letter books, 1893-1910; rules and bye-laws, [1890]-1927; Charity Commission grants of approval and permission, 1922-1937; letters and correspondence, 1895-1958; notes from the Housing Sub-Committee, 1871; visitors' books, 1881-1955;

Financial records, 1867-1958: receipt books for financial contributions to Alexandra Hospital, 1867-1884; registers of donors and subscribers, 1871-1951; legacies, 1888-1951; fundraising pamphlets, [1890-1948]; invoices and receipts relating to Christmas, 1951-1957; discretionary fund accounts, 1952-1956; account books, 1867-1958; petitions, 1889-1901; income generated for Hospital from appeals, stocks, the naming of cots and legacies, 1869-1892; sundry debtors for children's education, 1951; list of subscriptions , 1950-1951; table of receipts and payments, 1951; Charity Commission authority to sell real estate, 1923; fundraising events, 1896-[1910]; material relating to the sale of postage stamps, 1892-1893; accounts, 1947-1958; blank monthly subscription forms, [1890]; collections and donations at festival dinners, 1897-1899; staff wages accounts, 1887-1937; investment book, [1897-1948]; financial journal, 1944-1948;

Estate and property records, 1874-1955: papers relating to proposed relocation of hospital of the Alexandra Hospital, 1947; inventories, 1940; records relating to insurance, 1888-[1890]; deeds and leases, 1874-1902; proposals and plans for buildings, 1891-1955; orders of ceremony for the opening of new buildings, 1899-1935; proposal relating to lease at Clandon, 1902;

Drawings and illustrations showing scenes at the Alexandra Hospital including wards, patients and nurses and a portrait of Edward Thurston Holland, [1880-1900];

Postcards of scenes at the Hospital including patients, staff and the grounds at Swanley, [1920-1950];

Nursing records, 1902-1959: nurse staff files, [1951-1959]; list of nursing staff by ward, 1955; register of nurses and sisters, 1940-1951; reports on probationer nurses, 1905-1951; probationer nurses entering and leaving the Hospital, 1924-1955; register of nursing staff, 1942-1957; index book containing nurses' addresses, 1956-1958; rules and regulations for ward sisters, 1902; letters of commendation and reference for nursing staff, 1950-1958; nurses register, 1900-1923;

Medical records, 1866-1958: register of applications for admission, 1884-1894; admissions register, 1867-1895; register of 'old cases', 1899-1901; case notes of in-patients and out-patients, 1866-1870; duplicate case notes for in-patients and out-patients, 1866-1868; Alexandra Ward in-patient case notes, 1876-1893; Catherine Ward in-patient case notes, 1876-1906; Constantia Ward in-patient case notes, 1876-1897; Edinburgh Ward in-patient case notes, 1877-1899; Ellicott Ward in-patient case notes, 1880-1899; Schackner Ward in-patient case notes, 1881-1897; case-book of Mr James Berry's patients, 1899-1907; case book of Sir Anthony Bowlby's patients, 1899-1907; patient record cards (James Berry), 1885-1906; patient record cards (Anthony Bowlby), 1884-1908; case notes of patients requiring long-term follow-up treatment, 1912-1913; case files for individual patients, 1903-1941; case notes of out-patients (first set), 1877-1887; case notes of out-patients (second set), 1892-1911; register of out-patients, 1912-1917; register of baptisms, 1910-1951; medical statistics, [1892]-1955; x-rays of cases at Clandon, 1912-1919; day report books, Jul 1951-Mar 1953; night report books, Nov 1955-Mar 1958; operation consent form, 1958;

Photographs of the Alexandra hospital including staff, patients, wards, school lessons, buildings and grounds, events and celebrations, [1880]-1957;

Staff records, 1939-1956: letter and memorandum relating to speech therapist's request for expenses, 1955-1956; material relating to the appointment of the physiotherapist in charge of cerebral palsy cases, 1956; material relating to appointment of senior occupational therapist, 1956; fortnightly staff attendance reports, 1954-1955; correspondence and report relating to the post of Secretary to the Alexandra Hospital, 1939; letter and application of Avery Jones relating to the appointment of casualty physician , 1939;

Operating theatre records, 1893-1958: operating theatre registers, 1893-1958;

Supplies Department and equipment records, 1948-1957: requisition books, 1948-1957, and a plan of a bed pan washer, 1951;

External publications, 1867-1958: newspaper cuttings about the Alexandra Hospital, 1867-1958 and a signed copy of 'Now We Are Six' by AA Milne, 1927.
Related MaterialAdministrative records, consisting of annual reports 1897-1938, are held by London Metropolitan Archives, ref: SC/PPS/093/01.
Administrative historyThe Alexandra Hospital for Children with Hip Disease was opened on 12 March 1867. Founded by a group of women (two of whom were nurses at the nearby Great Ormond Street Hospital), it was initially based in 19 Queen Square, Bloomsbury, London. Until 1870, it was known as the House of Relief for Children with Chronic Diseases of the Joints, and from 1870 to 1881 the Hospital for Hip Diseases in Children. Hip disease, or tuberculous arthritis, was a common disease at this time.

The demand for the hospital's beds was such that 18 Queen Square was purchased in 1872 to provide additional accommodation. 17 Queen Square was acquired in 1873 and properties in Queen Square Place were added over the following years. In 1881 the hospital was re-named after Princess Alexandra, and by 1897 the Alexandra Hospital had sixty-eight beds. However, the buildings in which the hospital was accommodated were dilapidated and unsanitary and in 1898 a decision was taken to re-build. The hospital took temporary accommodation at 34 Guilford Street, Russell Square, London whilst the rebuilding took place. The new hospital buildings opened on 20 July 1899. The Alexandra Hospital also had convalescent homes at Helen Branch Hospital, Bournemouth, Hampshire (1874-1993); Wash Well Home, Painswick, Gloucestershire (1893-1914); and Clandon Branch Hospital, East Clandon, Surrey (1903-1936).

In 1920, the Alexandra Hospital moved from its central London location (the building was later occupied by the National Hospital). It took up residence at the Kettlewell Home in Swanley, Kent, the site of St Bartholomew's Hospital's convalescent home. The Alexandra Hospital had maintained close ties with Bart's from its foundation in 1867, and many of its medical staff had served both institutions. These links were now strengthened and on 3 November 1922, the hospitals amalgamated. After the amalgamation the Committee of Management was renamed the Committee of the Alexandra Hospital and Kettlewell Home.

In 1940, the Alexandra Hospital moved for the final time, to Stockwood Park near Luton, Bedfordshire, a property on lease from Luton Borough Council. It was later proposed that a further move be made to Nyn Park in Hertfordshire, but these suggestions came to nothing and in 1958 the Ministry of Health closed the Alexandra Hospital.
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SBHA/CH Alexandra Hospital School
SBHA/HA Administrative records
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SBHA/HC Estate and property records
SBHA/HI Drawings and illustrations
SBHA/HO Postcards
SBHA/MO Nursing records
SBHA/MR Medical records
SBHA/PG Photographs
SBHA/ST Staff records
SBHA/TH Operating theatre records
SBHA/UP Supplies Department
SBHA/XP External publications
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