Alt Ref NoLH/M
TitlePatient records
DescriptionPatient records of the London Hospital, 1760-2015, relating to the medical treatment of patients and the clinical or medical records of individual patients, comprising:

registers of in-patients, 1760, 1791-1792, 1805; lists of patients, with Governors who recommended them, 1778-1784; registers of Physicians' and Surgeons' in-patients, 1883-1947; alphabetical indexes of Surgeons' and Physicians' In-patients, 1936-1948;

diagnostic indexes to post mortems, case notes and patient registers, comprising medical and surgical indexes, 1893-1949, aural, skin and eye diseases indexes, 1903-1949, obstetric and gynaecological cases indexes, 1900-1949;

records of operations, comprising registers, 1862-1866; operations books, 1852-1874; returns of operations, 1881-1899; volumes of 'notes on operations', 1902-1960 (not a continual series), including operations at the Brentwood Annexe, 1941-1943, 1951-1954; record cards of operations, 1962-1973, including at Brentwood Annexe, 1961-1969; theatre visitors books, 1930-1993;

Records of Special Departments, including the Finsen Light Department (registers, 1900-1950; Radium Treatment registers, 1909-1952; microfilms of case notes, c.1903-1919); Gynaecology Department (Radium Treatment registers, 1927-1952; register for carcinoma of the vulva, 1941-1958; registers for primary malignant tumours of the female genital tract, 1949-1968); Cardiac Department (microfilms of patient summaries and catheter reports, 1948-1980); Orthopaedic and Accident Department (microfilms of case notes, c.1945-1950); X-Ray Department (registers, 1905-1907).

Maternity records, comprising: maternity registers, 1893-1912; 1973-2010; "Marie Celeste" Maternity Department In-patient registers, 1905-1957; "Marie Celeste" Ward (labour cases register, 1950-1951; midwives' registers of cases, 1946-1983; drug book, 1970-1972); Mary Northcliffe Ward (midwives' registers of cases, 1959-1976; maternity discharge books, 1936-1965; maternity admission registers, 1973-1984; labour cases registers, 1936-1959; anaesthetics register, 1952-1977); Woolmer Park Maternity Home, midwives' register of cases, 1939-1945; Anaesthetics register, 1967-1981; Born Before Arrival record book, 1976-1986; Register of emergency maternity calls and Born Before Arrival births, 1983-1986; Intra-uterine transfer in and out register, 1991-1997; Register of visits to maternity patients by medical students, 1953-1965; Counterfoils from certificates of still-births, 1960-1999; Counterfoils from certificates of neo-natal deaths, 1993-1999; Register of cases, non-viable foetuses (miscarriages), 1994-2000; London Hospital births by month, 1972-1988;
Records relating to District (home birth) cases: ("Marie Celeste" Maternity Department register of District cases, 1905-1941; Green and White Charity (District cases) maternity records, 1930-1935; White Charity (District cases) confinements, 1929-1957; Journals of the District 'Midder' Boys, 1931-1934;) District/General registers, midwives' register of home birth cases, 1929-1967; patients admitted to hospital or transferred elsewhere, 1958-1967; Midwives' register of cases, 1955-1957; District [home births] ante-natal registers, 1947-1953);

registers of death and post-mortem records, comprising: surgical registers of death, 1902-1908, 1914-1917, 1921-1924; Receiving Room registers of death, 1914-1920, 1929-1968; registers of deaths, 1969-2002; post mortem reports, 1893-1921, with diagnostic indexes, 1893-1901; post-mortem permitted book, 1956-1961; Hospital burials register, 1984-1988; report book of patients brought in dead to the London Hospital, 1977-1978; undertaker's receipts of bodies received from the London Hospital, 1940-1944;

records of the Receiving Room, later the Accident and Emergency Department, comprising registers of cases, 1934-1947, 1961-1964; A&E day book, 1971-1972;

records of Out-patients: analyses of attendance, 1924-1955, 1983; register of admissions (including receiving room), 1955;

admission registers for Zachary Merton Home, Banstead, 1968-1977;

records of private wards in Fielden House, comprising registers of operations, 1973-1985; admission registers, 1979-1990; collected case summaries and laboratory reports for males, 1942-1945;

admission and discharge registers for the "Marie Celeste" Home, Woodford, 1965, 1969-1973;

loose selections of case notes, comprising: case card for William Carter, 20 July 1870; case histories of interest: Dr Stephen Mackenzie, 1894; paediatric cases [mostly patients of Dr Maitland Jones], 1928-1938; precis of notes of in-patients under the care of Dr Alun Rowlands, including copies of Dr Rowlands' private notes, 1934-1939; volumes of bound case notes (medical male patients, 1903-1929, 1937; male surgical patients, 1938; obstetrical and gynaecological, 1935-1939);

pre-1948 case notes on microfilm, comprising miscellaneous notes for medical and surgical patients, 1889-1895; surgical patients, 1896-1944; medical patients, 1890-1945; ophthalmic patients, 1895-1931; obstetric and gynaecological patients, 1919-1943; case notes for the London Hospital Annexe, Brentwood, 1941-1943;

case summaries, comprising surgical summaries, 1916-1940; medical summaries, 1916-1940, obstetric and gynaecological case summaries, 1920-1940, Emergency Medical Service Sector Hospital case summaries, (females only) 1939-1947; In-patient case summaries, 1941-1953;

mortuary registers, 1974-2014; Out of hours porters' book, 2006-2015.
Date1760 - 2015
Related MaterialCase notes under 30 years old are in the charge of the Trust's Health Records Manager; case notes are not retained by the archives following their retention period.

Some patient records are arranged within the relevant departmental grouping of records, for example RLHLH/RA, records of the Radiotherapy Department, includes some registers of patients.

RLHQE/M/6/31- Mortuary register, 1976-1998 (includes occasional child, infant or still birth patients whose bodies were transferred to Queen Elizabeth Hospital from the London for post mortem).
Access statusRestricted
Access ConditionsSome material is restricted. This is noted at file or item level in the catalogue.
Arrangement of the recordsThe subfonds takes the following arrangement:

RLHLH/M/1 - In-patient registers, 1760 - 1948
RLHLH/M/2 - Diagnostic indexes, 1893 - 1949
RLHLH/M/3 - Operations registers, 1852 - 1993
RLHLH/M/4 - Special Department registers, 1900 - 1980
RLHLH/M/5 - Maternity records, 1893 - 2010
RLHLH/M/6 - Registers of deaths and post-mortem records, 1893-2002
RLHLH/M/7 - Receiving Room (A. & E.) registers, 1934 - 1972
RLHLH/M/8 - Out-patients: analyses of attendance, 1924 - 1983
RLHLH/M/10. Zachary Merton Annexe, Banstead: admission registers, 1968 - 1977
RLHLH/M/11 - Private wards, Fielden House, 1942 - 1990
RLHLH/M/12 - 'Marie Celeste' Home, Sunset Avenue, Woodford: registers, 1965 - 1973
RLHLH/M/13 - Case notes: loose selections, 1870 - 1939
RLHLH/M/14 - Pre 1948 case notes: microfilms, 1889 - 1945
RLHLH/M/15 - Case summaries: microfilms and files, 1916 - 1953
RLHLH/M/19 - Mortuary registers, 1974-2015
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