Alt Ref NoLH/A
TitleAdministrative records
Date1740 - 1990
Administrative historyExecutive authority was at first split between several officers: the Secretary, the Steward, the Apothecary and the Chaplain all exercised varying degrees of authority at different times. In 1806 the first Superintendent was appointed, and in 1810 John Jenkinson was elected Steward and Superintendent. In 1816 he also took over the office of Apothecary. After his death, in 1818, the office of Superintendent was separated from that of Apothecary and united with the office of Chaplain. The title of this office was changed to House Governor, the principal Executive Officer of the Hospital. The reports of Superintendents and House Governors were made to meetings of the House Committee.
The House Committee appointed two of its number to be House Visitors every fortnight. Their duties were to inspect the Hospital and report their findings.
Access statusRestricted
Access ConditionsSome material is restricted. This is noted at file or item level in the catalogue
Arrangement of the recordsThe subfonds takes the following arrangement;

RLHLH/A/1 - Charter, Standing Orders, Bye-laws, etc., 1758-1949
RLHLH/A/2 - Court of Governors: Minutes, 1740-1953
RLHLH/A/3 - Agenda books, 1907-1953
RLHLH/A/4 - Reports, 1742-1948
RLHLH/A/5 - House Committee: Minutes, 1741-1948
RLHLH/A/6 - Draft minutes, 1750-1840
RLHLH/A/7 - Agenda books, 1913-1917
RLHLH/A/8 - Attendance books, 1902-1932
RLHLH/A/9 - Committees and Sub-Committees: minutes, 1779-1968
RLHLH/A/10 - Associated organisations (Accumulating Fund, Stewards of the Anniversary Feast, etc.): Minutes, accounts and papers, 1744 -1942
RLHLH/A/11 - Board of Governors: Minutes, 1948-1974
RLHLH/A/12 - Committees and Sub-Committees: Minutes, 1948-1974
RLHLH/A/13 - Board, Committees and Sub-Committees: Agenda papers, 1948-1979
RLHLH/A/14 - Joint Hospital Services Committees (Tower Hamlets and City and Hackney): Minutes and agenda papers, 1969-1973
RLHLH/A/15 - Annual reports, 1741-1978
RLHLH/A/16 - House Visitors' books, 1750-1924
RLHLH/A/17 - Reports etc. to the House Committee, 1779-1931
RLHLH/A/18 - Inventories etc., 1796-1951
RLHLH/A/19 - Governors: registers, lists, etc., 1841-1948
RLHLH/A/20 - Medical staff: registers, applications, etc., 1744 -1954
RLHLH/A/21 - Lay, domestic and ancillary staff: registers, etc., 1867-1942 RLHLH/A/22 - Anniversary sermons, 1747-1834
RLHLH/A/23 - Secretary's and House Governor's correspondence and papers, 1750 - 1964
RLHLH/A/24 - House Governor's files, 1898-1974
RLHLH/A/25 - House Committee Chairmen's papers, 1898 -
RLHLH/A/26 - Newspaper cuttings, scrapbook, etc., 1833 -1977
RLHLH/A/27 - Hospital newsletters, magazines, etc., 1933-1974
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